It’s the first day of Autumn, and first day of my new project…

101 DAYS OF HAND LETTERING: For the Love of Reading

What’s it about?

Typography and hand lettering fascinate me, and I’ve been wanting to improve my lettering skills for a while. Adopting a daily creative challenge creates a great framework within which to develop my own unique voice and style of lettering. Now, a lot of people out there are doing this type of daily practice, and they are really, really good at it. My goal is not to compete with that. As my skills are rather rudimentary at the moment, my purpose here is to hold myself accountable by sharing my process as I progress every day.

Since I don’t want to add any more to the already overwhelming number of inspirational quotes on the internet, I’ve come up with something a bit different. I love books, so my first idea was to letter the titles of my 100 favourites. As soon as I started to make the list I discovered that it would be impossible to narrow the list down to only a hundred. I also realized that such a narrow focus wouldn’t hold my interest for three weeks, let alone three months, so I expanded the scope of my theme to encompass reading in general.

I’m excited to see what develops as the year winds down. Thanks for following along!


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