Day 2


A little quickie for Day 2.

I’d prepared something else, but I made a very sad discovery today: my favourite bookstore has closed down. P & P wasn’t a fancy bookstore with a café and postmodern decor, but it sold secondhand books at a fair price and I never went in there without leaving with a bag full of great reads and a smile on my face. They had a bit of everything, from literary fiction to manga. The books were piled from floor to ceiling, stuffed into bins, stacked on counters. I’ll miss spending the occasional rainy afternoon picking through piles of old westerns and ancient poetry tomes, listening to the owner humming along with the easy listening radio that was always on.


I wonder what happened to the copy of Alice in Wonderland from the 1950s that I’d looked at and put back about a dozen times because it seemed a little pricey for me.

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