Day 3


SALAMANDER, by Thomas Wharton
Short-listed for the Governor-General’s Literary Award and the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize

“Within every book there lies concealed a book of nothing. Don’t you sense it when you read a page brimming with words? The vast gulf of emptiness beneath the frail net of letters. The ghostliness of the letters themselves. Giving a semblance of life to things and people who are really nothing. Nothing at all. No, it was the reading that mattered, I eventually understood, not whether the pages were blank or printed. The Mohammedans say that an hour of reading is one stolen from Paradise.” 

I’d be hard-pressed to choose my very favourite novel, but Salamander is right up in the top 5 for sure. It’s a lucid and poetic tale that meanders through time, interweaving the fine art of typography with the nature of books, seafaring adventure, clockwork automatons, the quest for immortality and a doomed love story. I’ve read this odd book at least a half dozen times, and for days after I’ve come to the last words on the page, I find myself puzzling over the metaphors layered into this utterly spellbinding story.


2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Love the lettering, but I really like the quote and will copy it into my book of noteworthy quotes. It is so easy to fall in love or despise certain fictitious characters. Some authors you hang onto and others you want to throw quickly into the recycle bin and hope that they will never write another book! I’m looking forward to the other favourites.


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