Ampersand Practice Page

Did you know…

… that the character is over 1500 years old and originated as a convenience for Roman scribes who wrote in cursive Latin and linked the e and t of “et” (which means “and”) to save space.

… that “ampersand” used to be the 27th letter of the alphabet? When saying the alphabet, people would conclude by saying “X, Y, Z and per se and.” Over time, the end of the alphabet got slurred together, turning “and per se and” into “ampersand”.

… ampersands can be properly used to represent “and” in phrases and names, but not in the structure of a sentence as a substitute for the word “and”.

… the ampersand can also used in a rarely seen configuration where it appears as “&c”, meaning etc. The ampersand does double work as the e and t.

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