We trod a weary path, through silent woods,

Tangled and dark, unbroken by a sound

Of cheerful life. The melancholy shriek

Of hollow winds careering o’er the snow,

Or tossing into waves the green pine tops,

Making the ancient forest groan and sigh

Beneath their mocking voice, awoke alone

The solitary echoes of the place.

I’ve been chopping wood in preparation for winter and I can only imagine what it must have been like for my ancestors on their homesteads without running water, electricity or chainsaws. We live in a time of everyday miracles, but the tradeoff is that most of the time in our busy busy lives, we take the landscape for granted, ignoring its power and grandeur.

3 thoughts on “DAY 23: ROUGHING IT IN THE BUSH

  1. This is so true that we take everything for granted. Nature is so beautiful at this time of year and yet people complain that it is so cold. Bundle up, get out and walk and enjoy nature’s colours.


    1. Despite the hardships (which are nothing like what Moodie describes), I feel incredibly lucky to live out here, completely in the bush. Last night I could hear coyotes, and this morning there were wild turkeys in the yard. The stars are brighter here than I’ve ever seen. I could do without the mosquitoes though. And maybe the few centimetres of snow we’re supposed to get tonight!


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