No book today.

I’m sitting in my cabin in the woods tonight, fire crackling away in the woodstove, pumpkin roasting in the oven, a glass of Château Puyfromage in hand. About as far as you can get from the City of Light and all the rest of the strife of the world.

There is no reasoning with these people. These killers. Whether it be in Beirut, Paris, Damascus or Ottawa, there is no justification for it all. Sane people all want the same things… a measure of prosperity, a safe home and to enjoy life with friends and family. Only crazy people want to kill strangers who are out for an evening in Paris. Or standing proudly in front of a national monument. Or huddling in their homes with their children in fear.

What has to happen in someone’s life for it to come to the point where you find yourself blowing yourself up on a street corner, hoping to bring as many people as possible into the abyss with you?

I hope their lives never touch mine, but human nature’s dark side seems to rear its ugly head, no matter how hard you try to build a safe corner from which to contemplate the miracle of life.

So tonight, #JeSuisParis.

People, more books please, and less killing.


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