And today marks the end of my 101 days of hand lettering. It’s been an interesting exercise, and not easy to keep going. I’m happy with what I learned and produced, but glad it’s over!

It’s hard to make time for making art in this society. If something doesn’t give an immediate payoff, it’s not seen as valuable. What most people don’t see when they look at a gorgeous painting in a gallery are the thousands of hours of sketching and practice, not to mention all the scrapped work that wasn’t good enough before the artist gets to the point of signing her/his name on a canvas. This project has been a way for me to sidestep the perfectionism that leads to procrastination and avoidance. By not trying to produce perfect final pieces, I felt liberated to just make stuff, and to make the messes that eventually lead to good work.

This week I’m going back to painting, but I’ll be finding ways to integrate the new skills I’ve picked up into my new work.

2 thoughts on “DAY 101: THE END

  1. Thanks Kim for this wonderful blog…all 101 days! It was enjoyable to see your choice of lettering and backgrounds for each selection. I have archived the blog so that I can check up on some of the titles/authors that I do not know and may like to read, though my list of books is already very long. I’m sure you learned a lot about lettering and how it can be used to create mood in various circumstances. I hope you take time to continue to paint because your talent is precious.


    1. Thanks so much for your support Betty-Ann! I’m looking at what I want to do for my next project, as it’s a great way to get motivated to make work. Maybe a weekly thing though, as a daily challenge is difficult to keep going.


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