The Artist Project


If you’re in Toronto this weekend, you have to drop by The Artist Project: over 250 of the world’s top contemporary artists are showing all in one place. I am totally disappointed that work is keeping me close to home right now, because I would love to hit tonight’s opening party! And on top of all that art, there are seminars, art walks and a bunch of other fun art-related stuff going on. My favourite thing is the Art Battle, in which 16 artists have 20 minutes in which to create a masterpiece and the public decides who comes out on top. One of my favourite artists, Claire Desjardins, will competing tomorrow night, so best of luck to her.

One of the main attractions is this incredible 100-foot-long watercolour mural by L.A.-based artist Tracy Hiner:


I can only imagine what it would be like to see it up close!

There will be a bit of everything, from collage to sculpture, printmaking, installation, glass, textile, photography and regular old painting, so if you’re in the market for something new to spice up your decor or you just want to hang out somewhere super cool and see some amazing art, it’s the place to be this weekend. Gaaaaah I want to go, but there’s just no way I can make it!!!

Okay, no more whining… I’ll leave you with some previews of the booths I wish I could check out. And full disclosure: I’ve set a goal to exhibit there next year, so wish me luck that I may be part of the fun in 2018!

Carrie Chisholm: Phantom Blanch (mixed media) Installation Zone, Booth I-12
Darlene Monroe: And Then She Sang! (Textiles and acrylic) Booth 341
Ed Colberg: Cellular Memory (Blown Glass) Booth 719
Nicole Moss: Road Trip (Handmade collage on wooden panel) Booth 313
Holly Friesen: Infinite Possibilities (Acrylic on canvas) Booth 922
Heather Cook, Predator (Acrylic on wood panel) Booth U-17

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